Sunday, September 25, 2011


My piece for the Breath of Embers show at Gallery Nucleus. Obviously I went with a more eastern approach as I have always been fascinated with the look of a serpentine dragon.

acrylic on paper, 15.5 x 20 inches

The shots that Gallery Nucleus took of this piece are way better than the ones I took.


Ben J Greene said...

Oh man, I really like the oddity of this critter's design. Nice!

Andy Christofi Illustration said...

The neck and underbelly design is really cool! Beautiful painting.

Anonymous said...

your level of rendering is amazing! do you use any mediums with your acrylic paint?

ed said...

Stunning piece, Jeremy!

Adam Rex said...

Somewhere a Magic: the Gathering art director just woke up in a cold sweat, wondering why he suddenly feels so dissatisfied with every artist he's ever hired.

Jeremy Enecio said...

Thanks so much guys!

David - I usually do, but in this one, I worked with the acrylic like watercolor washes, which doesn't need any medium.

Adam - Hahahah! I actually did a bunch of Magic: the Gathering cards a few years back.

Matthew Lewis said...

Love the textures and neck-folds!

Tom Scholes said...


ayo said...

How many washes does this take? I imagine this taking a long time with a precise brush no?

Craig said...

Haha I literally had the exact same thought as Adam Rex. every aspect of this creature is so well considered. awesome!

Anonymous said...
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Carlos Caminha said...

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. I just can’t stop looking at it. Masterpiece.

Rin said...

I loved this piece in the show, and i'm still amazed at the careful washes you manage to make. :)

Curious though...what kind of paper do you use? I've been trying to work more in inks lately, and have been battling between arches hot press, and rives bfk, in terms of which is better with light/smooth washes.

again, you = really amazing!

bill said...

This is beautiful. I look forward to showing with you at Nucleus.

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