Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Just a drawing I did for fun. This is Nike, the Greek winged goddess of victory.


Sam said...

man- wish my drawings for fun looked this good! I especially enjoy the somewhat bored expression on her face.

Juan Carlos Eberhardt said...

buenisimo!! muy buen manejo del lapiz !!
un abrazo !!

Stuart Ruel said...

man this has such a great feel!

wren said...

When you have fun, we all benefit. Thanks

Jeremy Enecio said...

thanks so much guys! :)

Jens said...

Do you know Vassilev Svetlin, he has a nice collection of greek mythology works on his site. Also his book on Don Quixote is really really good. Really strong drawing skills.

his site

the book

Jeremy Enecio said...

oh man, i'm absolutely loving his work! thanks jens!

Alice Tse said...

Hey, I'm a student at MICA in one of sam's classes. I saw one of your demos a while ago.

I was looking for more information on Svetlin Vassilev and on the first page of google, I see your blog! Small world. He is great. I have one of his childrens books he did the illustrators for.

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