Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sex and Violence, Round 2

I decided to go back into this one and mess around with colors. Decided to go for a very simple graphic look, with some lightly rendered areas for emphasis. Been getting a few questions as to whether or not I would be turning this into a print, so feedback is more than welcome before all that happens. Hope you like it!


Annika said...

looks cool jeremy :) i like the colors & selective details - I was appropriately disturbed by the pink lady and the shadow that her lip makes on her yellowing teeth! If you want to get picky about it I think you could try making the foremost ray gun (in the pink lady's hand) a darker value so that it separates more from the sexy lady's boot.


Jeremy Enecio said...

thanks annika! great point about the value similarities. definitely need to play around with a few things, looking back on it. :)

Richard Powell said...

This is a great image. really like it.