Monday, May 24, 2010


Thought I'd put these up on the blog today. While the rest of my fellow man was watching LOST, I was working on a piece for the show "A Mute of Hounds" at Gallery Meltdown in LA. Busted out the acrylics, completely skipping the watercolors. I decided to mess around in my sketchbook while waiting for paint to dry (I really need a blow dryer). I think they look funny.

Real updates coming soon.


Kyler Dannels said...


Manuel Dupong said...

Exquisite forms.

adam k. said...

haha! they look funny

Scott Prather said...

hey man, these are looking real nice, been a follower of yous for some time, cant wait to see what else you do.

on a side note, I stumbled upon a site that used one of your images, thought it was cool recognize your work,

for the Kapre

fellow artist,

Jeremy Enecio said...

Thanks guys!

Scott - hahah thanks for the heads up on the site! the weird thing is, that's not even a kapre, it's a batibat. the description they provided for the kapre doesn't even match the image, lol.